Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Creativ* Bee Designs

Wait...Is that a Typo?
No. Creativ*Bee Designs is spelled differently from the norm, because Creativ*Bee Designs is just that...different from the norm..Who wants to be like everyone else?

Creativ*Bee Designs began in 2003 as the creative outlet of Raleigh artist & graphic designer Brandi Bowen. Her designs vary from one of a kind, hand painted silk scarves to her original oil paintings and ink drawings to reworked vintage pieces into original and unique jewelry.

The Jewelry
Only hand-selected semi-precious gemstones, pearls, vintage Czech glass,
brass, wood, and other natural elements, genuine sterling silver and gold filled findings are used in our design.

The Silk
Only 100% Silk is used in our Hand-Dyed Silk Scarves. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Artist
Once upon a time there was a little girl that loved to draw and paint and do anything artistic.
Years later the little Bee decided that she wanted to pursue her love of color and type and went to college to major in graphic design and photography. While in school, Bee soon discovered her love of jewelry design and fibers. Naturally, the little Bee had an idea and in 2004 launched her own business Creativ*Bee Designs.
In addition to her line of jewelry, Miss Bee also freelances and currently has several works of art in area art shows. Miss Bee has won several awards along her journey as an artist and designer. Currently, she can be found creating in her North Carolina studio or somewhere out and about looking for inspiration for upcoming designs.

What's Next to Come?
We will be adding Limited Edition Apparel, one of a kind Fiber Art pieces, Greeting Cards, Paintings and Limited Edition Photographs.

Is your name really Miss Bee?
No. Since she always creating something artsy in her studio, Miss Bee is a nickname that her friends gave her, and it just seemed appropriate.

We are excited to have Creativ*Bee Designs, along with 35 more talented artists at the Holiday Heist Craft Show!

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