Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Artmonger

Six years of art school in New York never lent a hand to watercolor skills. I can only sit back and admire the work of talented artists like Michele Banks of Artmonger.

Michele creates beautiful paintings, collages and handpainted greeting cards. We are so excited to have her work at our show!

Michele Banks got her start as an artist in the late 1980's when she decorated her cubicle at Price Waterhouse in London with repetitive images of comic-book figures. Several years and three countries later, she quit management consulting, got married, had a baby (the sublime Isabella) and got back to those repeated images. By now she had advanced to clip art images of coffee cups and fish.

By 2000, the kid was in pre-school and Michele got to work in a serious way. Now she tackled subjects such as snails, hippos, fans, frogs and pigs. She even took an art class. In 2001, Michele had her first show, at Tryst, a cafe in Washington. She has been showing steadily in the region ever since. By 2003, Michele had mainly switched from collage to watercolor painting, although she still throws in some collage elements now and then!

Find Michele's wonderful watercolors online and next week at Holiday Heist!


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