Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Bee's Knees Studio

Things we love: Painting
Bee's Knees Studio is a one-woman art explosion brought to you by Richmond-based artist Erica Vess. She's not much for writing bios, but she does have a plan for world domination which involves owls, cuteness, and the color blue. That's all she's at liberty to say at the moment.

With work ranging tiny 2" paintings to oversize fine art prints, from whimsical children's paintings to sleek modern design, there is something for everybody!

Why we love her
"Certainly, I have something for every budget. While my larger original pieces range from $95 to $300, the bulk of my stock is much more affordable: my tiny original paintings are $20, and the majority of my prints are $15 to $30."

Easy on the eyes and the wallet! Find Erica's work Holiday Heist next Saturday!


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