Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Phil Barbato

Fun stuffed toys that kids and adults alike can enjoy and appreciate. No, not from Mattel, from Phil Barbato!

His work isn't stocking stuffers; sometimes, they are stockings!

Meet Thorgrimm the Defeated:

And Ronald Jeremy Hyatt:

You've gifted many things over the years: Socks, ties, perfumes, Norelco shaving kits, and my personal favourite, the Barack Obama Chia Pet. Have any of these brought more than a pasted-on smile and a cardboard "thank you, I always wanted one!" from their recipients? Don't repeat the same mistake this year; give a Whiskerbear and get a genuine smile out of your friends. And for god's sake, return the Snuggie.


1 comment:

Jessica Blasczak said...

I have a whiskerbear and I LOVE him. Phil rocks!!!