Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Bette's Bag

Betty and Maggie Mudd, the talented mother-and-daughter-designer team behind Bette's Bags have an interesting story to tell:
"Maggie purchased a very expensive designer bag and before she left the mall she saw another woman carrying the exact same bag. To tease Maggie, I made her a "One of a Kind" bag. She liked it and used it; friends and co-workers commented on it and wanted one of their own. We made several bags as "gifts.” After hearing from friends and family things like, "you two should start your own business,” “where do you sell your bag,” “do you have a website” and “how can I get you to make one for myself?," we started Bette's bags.

And that's how Bette's Bags all started. Lucky us!!
Betty's beautiful bags are all made individually from start to finish. They make one bag at a time so you can be assured that they put quality and care into every stitch.
Check out Bette's totes, handbags, purses, yoga bags, diaper bags, etc. at the Holiday Heist Craft Show this Saturday!

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