Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Lollibomb

"Sugar Rush is a delectable blend of cotton candy, fresh vanilla, caramel, fig, raspberry, and sugary lemon drops..." That's not a recipe for dessert tonight. It's one of Lollibomb's most memorable scents! Handcrafted cosmetics and body treats have never been sweeter. Lollibomb has it all: delicious fragrances, fluffy whipped body frosting, mineral powder, luxurious milk baths made with soy milk, and even edible message oil (Me So Honey! Love it!)

Why we love them: Their products are 100% vegan with absolutely no animal by-products or harsh ingredients. Plus, they have a scent called, Tobacco Road. How rock'n'roll!

Pick up the scent of your choice at Lollibomb's booth at the Holiday Heist!

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