Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Jerseymaids

Things we love: Photography that captures beauty, whimsy and charm.
That's why we are all about Jerseymaids' Polaroid imagery and jewelry.

Polaroid images made to look like little Polaroid earrings? I'm in looooove.

"Life is nothing more than a string if short and beautiful moments; images to capture, memories to solidify. This is a part of my 'Paris Through A Polaroid' series, and was shot in Paris, France in spring of 2009."

Très merveilleux!
This photograph was shot with a Polaroid 680 camera. It is printed professionally on archival, acidfree fine art paper with inks that last up to 200 years.

For more great items, please check out Jerseymaids' Etsy shop, and at our Holiday Heist Craft Show!


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