Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Lana Kole

Lana Kole is a budding, independent design label and also a fabulous human being! Lana means "a beautiful place" and Kole means "a victorious people."

What inspires you?
At the Lana Kole Studio, we seek to inspire and encourage people by helping them make their living/work spaces more vibrant and beautiful with our modern and fun take on traditional interior decor. Everything we create will be designed with this objective in mind. We promise!

Inspiring our clients through our design is very rewarding. We hope this idea is reflected in each of our hand-crafted products. Our aesthetic derives from a love of nature and modern simplicities. Our designs are an eclectic collection of our own hand-drawn and original computer-drafted art work. The Lana Kole Studio has been in existence since January of 2008 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). We ship our handmade products all over the world. We are so excited that people in places like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa, and Asia- all places we've never visited- have our products in their homes. It is truly humbling and inspires us to keep designing and keep inspiring.

We specialize in surface and textile design. Our product line includes vinyl surface graphics and vinyl lettering, fun stationery sets, and originally designed textiles that we use to make our collection of modern home decor. We are also currently designing a fabulous wedding and events collection. We're just getting started. We have many more products and ideas in store.

Why we love them: Six Degrees of Crafty Separation
We at Lana Kole believe in the power of social networking. It's Lana Kole's dream to appear on Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Rachel Ray show in 2010. If you know somebody, that knows somebody, that knows somebody, who knows a neighbor that knows somebody that knows these 3 fabulous ladies... please let us know.

If you think you can help, contact them here!

Find Lana Kole on Etsy and at our Holiday Heist Craft Show!

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