Thursday, October 29, 2009

Call for Volunteers!

The Mafia is looking for a few good henchmen (and women) to help us plan the Heist. Lock-picking experience not necessary; we're willing to train.

We'll need some friendly faces to:
•Help greet patrons at the Welcome Booth;
•Assist vendors with setup/breakdown;
•Support craft workshop teachers;
•Advertise in the Vienna area (posting HH info at local shops, venues and such);
•Snap pics at our photo booth;
•Assemble goodie bags;
•Carry out hits, contracts & vendettas.

Let us know if you wanna be on the take:

Got a crafty business? The Family will be happy to exchange juice for favors; free advertising on our site, blog and at the Heist.



Bette's Bags said...

I can get to the show early and help with anything you need before I have to set up my table.

Vanessa Alsondo said...

Thanks Betty! We'll get in touch soon!