Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Heads update!

Hi folks,

We're just over two weeks away from the big Happy Heads/DC Children's Advocacy Center/Stitch DC event!

Here's an update on the festivities...

Snacks will be available!
Free hat & scarf patterns for knit and crochet!
Super hourly raffles! Cool!

Remember that this is a fundraiser for Happy Heads and the DC CAC. As such, we ask that you donate in order to participate in the fun. This list comes to us dire
ctly from the folks who work at the CAC. Please bring at least one of the following items:

School Supplies:
Colored Pencils*
“Jumbo” kindergarten pencils
Filler paper*
3-ring binders*
Book Covers*

Clothing/other Items
:$1 Toiletries; baby wipes*, travel baby toiletries, deodorant, Vaseline*, Kleenex, hand sanitizer*, travel toothpaste and tooth brushes

Children’s socks*

Packaged children’s undies

Boys/Girls undershirts*

*indicates items of greatest need

Remember, please bring new items that you'd give to your own kids. You can also make a small monetary donation ($5-$10) if you don't want to bring items. Either way, CAC staffers will be with us to give you a receipt of your items if you'd like.

Then, hang around with us on what will most likely be a hot summer afternoon and knit some hats for kids for the upcoming snowy months!

Want to help spread the word? We'd love it if you would tell your craft and fiber friends, media friends and others who like to participate in their community in DC. Feel free to leave us comments if you have an idea.

Thanks again to Stitch DC and the DC Craft Mafia!


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