Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet Your Maker: Mimossa Studio

Oenophilia (pronounced /ˌiːnɵˈfɪliə/ EE-no-FIL-ee-ə), originally from Greek, is the love (philia) of wine (oinos). An oenophile (/ˈiːnəfaɪl/) is a lover of wine.

I absolutely love glassware; I try to keep a collection of glasses for every use: red wine, cordial, brandy, white wine, and the list goes on.

However when I come home from a particularly long day at work and I want to treat myself to a little Chardonnay, I have my own glass, to which it belongs to no set; all mine! I highly suggest endulging in this most oenophilic luxury. And if you can't keep your nose out of the decanter, then you have to have a glass (or six) from Mimossa Studio.

Oenophiles are lovers of wine.

About me
My name is Janitza (Jani) Macleay and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. In 1989 my family and I moved to Virginia, where I met my husband. Due to his job we moved quite a bit and I spent that time raising my 2 beautiful girls. I have always enjoyed working and creating with my hands, from cake decorating to mosaic tiling.

After almost 10 years of moving, from Colorado to Texas, we got an opportunity to move back home to Virginia. Working on anything crafty took a back seat for a while, but now that my kids are getting older I found myself wanting to do something that I enjoyed for myself, and that's how Mimossa Studio started.

About Mimossa Studio
Ever since I was a kid I always loved working with my hands, from cake decorating to flower arranging, you name it, I have tried it. About a year ago I started painting on on Christmas ornaments and then decided to try painting on wine glasses. At first the results were not good but I kept trying and long and behold I fell in love with painting on glass.
The thing I love the most other than being my own boss, is the designing and creative part of painting. I get excited when someone wants to order a glass for a friends birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, etc. and they are not sure what they want, because it gives the opportunity to design something just for them. Don't get me wrong, if somebody has something specific in mind I have just as much fun!
I know that every where you turn there's a display of hand painted wine glasses and they are beautiful but I like knowing that when people buy one of my glasses it's designed specially for them, no two are ever the same and in a way I get to be a part of their special moment.

Things we love:

This glass keeps your eye on the prize.

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