Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Your Maker: Casstasstrophe!

Meet Cassey, the talented and fun crafter behind Casstasstrophe !

About Cassey
I was born and raised in Iowa but spent my early adulthood traveling the world while doing a tour in the Navy as an aviation hydraulic mechanic. Although I've always considered myself creative and artistic, I ended up getting my degree in Engineering and moved to DC a few years ago to work for the government. Although my professional life is spent behind a desk as a drone, my free time has always been dedicated to crafts of one form or another.

About Casstasstrophe!
Sometime last year I came across a ton of shrinky dinks and I have been experimenting with new ways to use this extremely versatile medium. I started a collection of shrinky dink pendants which were decoupaged with beautiful Japanese Washi Paper. With the wide varieties of washi paper and the versatility of Shrinky Dinks, an endless possibility of pendants could then be created. I then experimented with painting Shrinky Dinks. When I found that using acrylic paints worked really well, I realized that I could then focus on intricate cuttings of the plastic. The effect was amazingly detailed silhouettes that would be nearly impossible to achieve else wise. Being a science fiction geek, my Star Wars collection was born! I have plans on bringing out a classic arcade collection this Summer which will include Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. as well as some science themed ideas which will follow soon after. As a proud self-described geek, I always struggled to find accessories which would proudly declare my geekdom with out being too kitschy. I feel that my jewelry really fills a need for classy geek-ware accessories for women. I know that classy geek-ware sounds like an oxy moron but just because I'm a nerd doesn't mean I don't have style!

[R2D2 and C3PO pendant]

[Black Atom pendant]

Other examples can be found at my etsy shop!

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my crafting with you! I hope that I can inspire other crafters to experiment and use well established crafting mediums in new and innovative ways!


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