Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Maggie Mudd Photography

The DC Craft Mafia would like to send a big Thank You to Maggie Mudd Photography for working the room during our Holiday Heist Craft Show!

Her work is beautiful and she almost effortlessly brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to her subjects.

Talent for Hire
"I've designed my blog as a way to network with anyone living in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia in search of a budget friendly photographer. I photograph people, simply put. I come from a journalistic approach, paired with a background in choreography.

"This allows me to give direction to my clients, and lead my photo sessions in a way that creates unique images whlie keeping the photographs honest and natural.

"I photograph family, maternity, infant, engagement, "Love Birds", and senior portrait sessions. My focus is in wedding photography. I love to surround myself with joy and romance... photographing weddings is the best way for me to do that."

Jane of All Trades
"I have my degree in modern dance from Point Park University and I have been many things in my life; a dancer, a teacher, an FBI agent. I have always secretly been a photographer as well, and now I’m putting that passion before all the rest."

Why we love her
"Life is too short not to enjoy every second of it. My intention for my photography is for it to serve as a way to preserve these fleeting moments. I’ve made it my job to archive monumental occasions as well as any other wonderful, ordinary day you want to hold on to with a photograph."

Contact Maggie if you need a great (and affordable!) photographer for you and your family! She's still looking for weddings to photograph at reduced rates. "My wedding portfolio is growing, but is still small. I am searching for couples who are willing to trust me with the honor of photographing the most important day of their lives."

Email Maggie directly at, and find more of her beautiful work on her website, and on her Facebook page!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We hired Maggie (and longtime friend) to photograph our wedding and engagement pictures. She was very responsive and very helpful in the beginning, however, once the engagement shoot was over, things turned south. It took approx. 10 weeks to receive the engagement pictures back (we were fine with the amount of time that it took to receive the photos), but there were several missing. After several e-mails back and forth, we got some of the missing photos that we were looking for. We had signed a contract and put down 1/3 of the total as a deposit. Several months passed, and we were unable to get a hold of Maggie to discuss wedding details and the possibility of extending our contracted time. Her voice mail box was and remains full, and she was not responding to any text messages, e-mails, facebook messages, or phone calls. In my search for another photographer, was told that Maggie had shut down her business to start a family. One final e-mail to Maggie, asking for a partial refund and her response was "I'm sorry that things have ended this way".

It seems that some brides have been happy with her work and her responsiveness, but it's upsetting that we have been forced to hire another photographer to ensure that our wedding day will be documented properly.