Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet Your Maker: Palace of Varied Industries & Great Sock

A Crafty Double Feature
Sisters Joanna (The Palace of Varied Industries) and Isabel (Great Sock) Church have been both artsy and crafty for most of their lives, and are bringing the family busiess to Holiday Heist!

Joanna Church, of Palace of Varied Industries, makes novelty pictures and other "small art," including animal silhouettes, shadow box scenes, and children's illustrations, using found frames, objects, and images to combine into one-of-a-kind decorations with a sense of humor.

Isabel Church, of Great Sock, makes stuffed toys out of socks (new and used-but-well-washed!) and other random scraps of material, turning them into frogs, cats, monsters and many more.

Toys are stuffed with bamboo fiberfill and average between four inches and ten inches or so and depend on the size, shape, and stretchiness of the sock.

(See Akimbo, above, my personal favourite!)

Why we love them
"Thanks to a steady diet of Muppet movies, Smothers Brothers albums, and similar family favorites, we love creating slightly odd things for others to enjoy. Happily, we are capable of sharing a booth: no sibling rivalry in our crafty world!"

Muppets and crafting? You're preaching to the choir, ladies :)


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