Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why You May Have (But Shouldn't) Miss Crafty Drinks

10. The summer is passing you by and all you've done is work, work, work.

9. You've been so stressed about the recession that you haven't gone out since...God knows when.

8. You have been crafting as a hobby for some time, but haven't met other crafters to hang with.

7. You gave up drinking for lent, and then just ran with it...

6. Between work, craft shows and Etsy, you have NO time for a social life.

5. You'd love to meet fellow crafters and artists, but you're too shy/intimidated to get yourself and your work out there.

4. Convenient, monthly social networking events just don't work for me.

3. I'll go next month... Did I say that last month? Definately next month, I swear...

2. I'm a douchebag that doesn't want to share his/her resources/experiences.

1. Wait, Crafty Drinks? I have to be down with this, starting next month!


1 comment:

Bette's Bags said...

Weekday evenings not gonna work for us. If you ever plan a WeekEND event we'll be there!