Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Support Your Local Artists?

For years now the buzz words have been ringing and won't stop echoing no matter where you live - "Buy Handmade", "Support Your Local Artists," "Handmade Revolution," "Craft Revolution" - whatever term you use the message is simple - supporting your local artists and crafters go a long way in making for a cleaner, healthier and richer environment for everyone.

We all know that production of handmade products have lesser impact on the environment. Take a look at HerbanLifestyle's post on making violet syrup. Everything made from simple natural ingredients - no chemicals or harmful byproducts. There are even crafters that recycle materials to create new products, like creating jewelry out of found objects, or sewing tote bags out of a pair of old denims - how much greener can that be?

Supporting your local crafter also strenthens community. Everything comes full circle. Your local artists and crafters are independent businesses in your community and when you buy their products the money actually goes back into your community by way to taxes. But as a buyer, you also have the advantage of buying products that are high quality and give you value for money. Why pay $40 for a jar of salt scrub from a retail chain, when you can get a much better quality scrub from your local crafter for half the price? (Sorry, my obsession with bath and body products is showing!)

Last but not the least, a handmade item is special and unique. Because each item is hand wrought and created it's the best gift item to give a loved one or yourself. When you give a handmade product, you're telling your friend/loved one that they are special and unique. What better way to show you care for them?

So the next time you come across an arts and crafts show, show your support and buy handmade!

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