Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day on Etsy

With Earth Day only a day away - this Wednesday! - I did a search on Etsy to see what crafters have to offer. You can find a lot of great sales and great ways to reuse and recycle. Here are a few stand-outs:

There are a lot of super cute reusable sandwich bags! These almost make me wish I didn't work from home - brown baggin' it has to be fun with these bags. [greenstreetbags]

What could be more environmentally friendly than a reusable shopping bag made out of recycled plastic bags? Not much! Buy the pattern to crochet your own. [tlwoldc]

Here's another fun sandwich bag. I also really love the apple print fabric! [mamamade]

Make your morning cuppa' a little more earth-friendly with this reusable cup sleeve! [agreensleeve]

Make your own snacksleeves with this PDF pattern! [agreensleeve]

I was going to make some very clever comment about this little tote bag made from Capri Sun pouches, but mostly I just want some juice now. [iluvmojo]

If I wasn't allergic to wool, I'd seriously consider buying this adorable skirt - the flowers are from recycled wool sweaters! [consciousclothing]

Actually, *this* recycled baby sweater is what I would get - you know, if I was a toddler. [consciousclothing]

Have any other fun Earth Day finds? Leave a comment here with a link.

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