Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Blood, Plus This Year's Show

DC Craft Mafia has new blood! We are super excited to introduce our newest members. Amy of Oblinaknit, Shelley of Glittery Blue, Beth of Polly Scoots & Renee of Ugly Kitty.

Our members recently got together to discuss this year's craft show. Crafty folks, be on the look out for applications very soon! We plan to hold it at The Bethesda Fire & Rescue Squad (The Anastasi Room) just like last year.
Come see us & our crafty friends at our show! More info to follow...

Back Row: Erica, Amy, Shelley, Beth
Front Row: Regina, Michael & Shayne
Not Pictured: Renee


glitteryblue hand created jewelry said...

What a fine looking group of talented folks!

Erica said...

I couldn't agree more!